ny fase i irak

Sr. Maria Hanna takker i dette siste brevet for all hjelp de har mottatt og som har satt søstrene i stand til å hjelpe flyktninger med madrasser og tepper, mat og babybleier. Nå retter de oppmerksomheten mot flyktninger som bor i kummerlige forhold og som ikke har varme klær for å holde vinteren fra livet. Det er omkring 10.000 flyktningefamilier i Erbil, og søstrene trenger $ 400.000 for å hjelpe dem. De har samlet inn omkring halvparten. Vil du hjelpe dominikanerinnene i Erbil med den andre halvparten, kan du lett gjøre det her!

Dear benefactors

I would like to extend my thanks to you for all the support we received. It really helped us provide families with the basic needs such as mattresses, blankets, food, and babies diapers. Thank God we are done with this phase of the needs, although we still have to think of some families arriving in Erbil from the cold northern cities of Kurdistan.

We have started the second phase. Given the fact that focus has been on children, as organizations and benefactors sought to provide this category with what they need, we are thinking of away to attend other needs of displaced people. Families who are living in rented houses and containers/caravans are in desperate need because these places are damp and cold. Besides, electricity goes off many hours during the day, and also there is a shortage in kerosene. On top of everything, people do not have enough winter clothes, which makes winter unbearable. Therefore, we are thinking of buying some clothes (trousers and hoodies) for adults above 18 years old. Approximately, the cost of clothes needed for each family will be around $ 40-45; there are about ten thousand families here in Erbil. We need about $ 400, 000. We have managed to collect half of the amount, and are trying to raise the other half depending on the generosity of the people of good will. If you could help with any amount, that would be great.

God bless you and your effort.

Sr. Maria Hanna, OP

Prioress of the Dominican Sisters of St. Catherine of Siena. Erbil

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